New Zealand gambling Law for Land-based casinos

One of the benefits of gambling in New Zealand is that the casino is legal and fully regulated. Apart from its breath-taking landscapes and the mesmerizing locations that you can explore, there is a decent share of online casino where you can gamble and if you are in for an experience, its restaurants, and the casino locations will certainly oblige. However, there are certain restrictions on some practices for the safety of the business and make sure that everything is carried out in a way that protects both the business and the player.

Gambling act 2003:

The recent amendment to the gambling act came in 2007. The act was passed in 2003 and the recent developments in the law were brought in to bring more accountability. The industry is controlled by the Internal Affairs and every casino is required by the law to return a portion of their profits to the community in terms of investment.


Land-based casinos are a legal affair in the country but when it comes to the online casino, they are not allowed. The law of the country prohibits any sort of online gambling operating from the borders of New Zealand. However, there is nothing about the casinos that are not in the country as there are various casinos that even accept NZD as a currency.


Lotteries and Horse racing:

Online casinos are not allowed in the country but there is an exception to remote gambling like Poker and the sale of lotteries. They have been part of the country and continue to be allowed. The sports betting is managed by a regulating board. You will find a lot of online platforms offering such services. Even though the country bans online casinos, there have been many developments in the world that are destined to change the casino industry forever. For now, they are banned but the positive attitude of the public regarding gambling and online casinos is changing that is set to change the law one day.

Social responsibilities:

The gambling Act of 2003 doesn’t allow you to operate an online casino, but at the same time, it also has very strict rules regarding the age of the players. You should be more than 20 to enter a land-based casino. The law also requires the casinos to return a portion of their profits to the community which is enforced strictly.

Winnings not taxable:

The gambling winnings are not taxable because the state doesn’t treat gambling as income but recreation that means that you can take the winnings home without even having to declare them.


The gambling laws in the country are lenient but if there is a violation, it can result in revocation of the license. Apart from this, the local casinos can have their own rules like dress code. The best is to make sure that you have read the website and are dressed accordingly.

New Zealand gambling Law for Land-based casinos

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